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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

socsec crisis bogus

WILD ANIMAL: What is in that shed? I must get into that shed and see.

(BOY and GIRL do not notice WILD ANIMAL as it claws open the shed door)

GIRL: I just bought the darn thing and there's no music on it at all. It won't play in my car, and when I load it on my computer all I get is the quicktime video of one song.

BOY: It's got no data burned to the inside, it's only got the enhanced stuff burned to the outer rings. Take it back and get another one.

GIRL: I'm still so fucking hungover. I passed out last night.

BOY: One thing that definitely doesn't work is aspirin. Aspirin inhibits the metabolization of alcohol. Booze changes the density of tissue in your middle ear anyway-- so maybe there is music on there and you can't hear it.

(WILD ANIMAL emerges from shed with rat in its jaws. Runs away.)

BOY: What was that? Did you leave the shed door open?

(BOY inspects shed)

BOY: We're missing some rats! Why can't you take good care of these rats!

(BOY walks away.)

GIRL: So, I did see the neighbor's wife climbing over the fence last night! She was stealing rats is what she was doing! And I thought she was sneaking over here to hook up with my husband while I was passed out drunk. I owe him an apology and an explanation.