The Howling Hex

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

brett somers

"As the day went on we would be lubricated, graciously; I mean we taped six or seven of those things at once. And we didn't re-shoot any of the answers, it was all improvised. They were cheap little pricks the producers-- but that was what made the show so vibrant back then. The pace forced us to be sharp; some of them, they wore down-- but Charles and I stuck it out, we held onto those seats for a long time."

"We didn't think about moving on to something else; we didn't look at it as biding our time until something else came up. We were content with it. I think I might have done one children's' movie during that time but only because my dear friend Bill Schwartz produced it-- later I did "Supership" for a few seasons, of course. I couldn't not."