The Howling Hex

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Monday, February 28, 2005

3rd lp coast compleat

"Make me into that creature I desire," you prayed. It's a nice place. It's new to you.

Take a swig from the blood of the lamb. Let the heat lamp soak into your hands. Regret everything that you threw away for no money. In houses near the highway, no one is moving, no one wants to stay. I could get into that.

You really don't seem to care what happens to you but in a funny kind of way it's like you get everything for free. The lock was broke off so I knew you had been and gone. I'm all for getting you in, but if you sneak out the back again, how can we ever hope to make amends?

Heading out by carrier dog from Jackson, an eye floating cross the water carries me in her sight. As the river opens up the tops of the trees give way to round hills and homes, all deserted. Passing banks abandoned and cold, it still shakes me up that no one ever seems to catch on. Open hand, closed hand, open hand, closed hand.

the howling hex