The Howling Hex

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

vc: part 96

The Immortal Chon opens a bar called "The Red-Erection" across the street. It features cocktail waitresses dressed like nuns, which in both presence and name casts aspersion upon Victory Chimp. The two bars soon compete in a charity fundraising contest. Whichever bar sells the most Jagermeister shots will be named champion.

Victory Chimp decides that the best way to win is to allow more underage people into his bar. But the big contest night is a disaster and someone serves too many shots to one young customer with a fake ID, who soon dies.

After losing, and needing to leave town due to humiliation, Victory Chimp remembers that with his superpowers he could move his entire bar to any time or space within the multiverse. After visiting a few boring new universes he decides to simply move the bar back in time to a place before The Immortal Chon's bar ever opened.

Victory Chimp builds a fake indian village on the site so it will become protected land in the future. He also dumps the body of the dead underage drinker there along with some feathers. Upon returning to his original location Victory Chimp has thus thwarted The Immortal Chon's attempt to buy the land upon which to build the bar.