The Howling Hex

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

X2 cobra

She said she saw him in the newspaper. Dreams of the river and the day they'd swim. Promised to return in the way of light. It occupies her time even at midday.

He saw a woman dressing in front of a mirror when he was young. In his thoughts he saw many dresses to cover her. He covered his eyes but slowly.

He's in a work camp now. Strike was broken. They ran pictures of it in the newspaper. He remembers back to that day with the woman and the mirror.

He steals some sheets to make a dress and a shawl. He sneaks out of the camp with the wives on visiting day. But he can't take the dress off now from shame.

He's a free agent, he travels along in his dress aiding striking workers across the country. She waits for him to return.

He dangles from a girder on an electrical tower. His shawl whips sideways in the wind. He's wearing a mask, a mask representing a mouse.

Why is he wearing the mask? We already know he wears a dress, that's in the premise.

Why is he hanging from that tower? Is he in another scrape with the boss man?

Perhaps he's depressed from the shame of sneaking out of the work camp in a dress?

Will he ever get back home to her?