The Howling Hex

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Monday, October 31, 2005


They made us do it- to each other we ever encountered. After the first

senses divided and went home. Nuts and talc were all that mattered to

heads of boards in the days that followed up. Noticing where memory

recovered nightly, gave me an idea of what needed to be explained in
pictograms. Hope is poured for sealment of the deals. Help is
measured by

it's overbite's reach.

Clavicle ocularity meets with periodic inclusion whenever we want it

enough. Well, do we go that far?

Friday, October 21, 2005

something in there

It is part of how I learned to love CHIC.

80s materialism really turned me off but I bought Chic and after all these years I still have my original copies. Over these many hundred weeks I have listened every couple dozen months or so to hear if I still don't understand.

Something this way came, and i was finally able to comprehend the ease of CHIC and will no longer disrespect CHIC.

I stuck with it. I stayed up on it and I am much the better person for having done so. It is good to "walk a mile" in the ruby slippers or static-free clogs of another. How else could one ever understand the pain of a tight shoe or broken heel?